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rat mom, Rat Boombox Small Leather Crossbody Bag



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Tune into that rad rat radio as they released their first EP today!100% Full grain veg tanned leather exterior. Full grain pig suede interior lining leather.Made in Washington DCClutch Dimensions:- Width: 8"- Height: 4.5"- Depth: 1.5"Care instructions: Love on it and it will love on you. Over time your clutch-purse will develop a natural patina. If your clutch-purse ever becomes soaked, dry it immediately but don\u2019t apply heat. Water + abrasion are bad for any leather. For cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth to clean surface gunk like cheeseburger grease. I don\u2019t know, you tell me why you got cheeseburger grease on your new bag. I understand if you wanted to sneak a McDonald\u2019s cheeseburger into the movies, but you should have left the wrapping on. :), rats

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