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Clear glass bubble bead ringclear ring, statement gold ring



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This glass ring is a glass cocktail ring. It clear ring and made of a transparent glass bubble, filled with 22 karat gold leaf, this glass dome ring will be worn at any time.The bead is handmade by me in a lampwork technique, connected to a transparent Silicone band.Measurements: Lampwork bead: height approx. -0.5 inches (12 mm) Width: approx. - 0.7 inches(17 mm) The ring will arrive in a lovely gift box.For more clear rings please visit: lampwork beads are made by me in my home studio and are properly annealed in a digital controlled kiln.Items are shipped worldwide.To see all my lampwork glass jewelry:https://www./il-en/shop/anatglassThanks for visiting my shop, lampwork ring

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