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Welcome!\r\rThis listing is for a detailed crow's foot that was handmade and cast by my Husband and I. This pendant is made with silver pewter, and is 100% lead-free!\r\rIt measures 1 3/8" across by 2 5/8" tall, or 3.5 cm wide x 6.8 cm tall. \r\rIf you'd like a left claw: https://www./listing/96509419/crows-claw-left-necklace-pendant-jewelry\r\rThis is not a thin casting, this pendant has a nice solid feel and a good heft to it! :)\r\r**All pendants come with a standard 32 inch (81.28cm) hand knotted Black Satin necklace cord that can be adjusted to size by the wearer. Upgrade options are available upon checkout. Please see the last photo in this listing to view necklace options. We currently offer a Lobster Claw style clasp with an approximately 2 inch (5cm) extension chain necklace, made with Black Satin or Black Leather. Because the upgrade option is cut to length and made to order, please be sure of size that you select, because it CANNOT be changed once the item is shipped. **\r\rWhat is Silver Pewter?\rWe have many inquiries as to what our silver pewter is. First of all, is that our metal does not come from China nor is it a cheap silver plating. Our Silver Pewter jewelry is made with the highest quality lead and antimony free alloyed mixture. It is made up of a proprietary combination of Tin, Bismuth, Silver, and Copper. Metallurgically, this alloy has the strongest physical properties of any lead-free pewter. There is a small percentage of silver that is added, that makes the finished product have a really nice shine and it also increases the hardness so it doesn't scratch or "ding" as easily. It will not rust, and doesn't bend or break easily. It will break if direct and deliberate force is applied to it, though, just like anything else I'd imagine. I have a piece that I still wear that was originally cast 25 years ago. I have worn my jewelry at night, in the shower, in the ocean, Michigan's Great Lakes and our backyard swimming pool with no issue :) Every now and then you'll want to take a soft cotton cloth and rub the face of your pendant, that will restore the shine. The metal will oxidize a bit over time, and develop a slightly darker patina. Mine didn't really do this until it was about 15 years old, though.\r\rThank you for visiting Center of the Circle, and have a very blessed day! :)\r\rstk087 - 2, bird of prey

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